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November 24, 2006


 The book of prophet Daniel states that Archangel Michael shall arise during the great tribulation to fight on behalf of the children of God prior to the rapture of the church(Daniel 12:1-3). Again in the book of Daniel chapter 10, Jesus Christ the Messiah(not an ordinary angel) appeared to Prophet Daniel as he LATER appeared to Apostle John in the book of Revelation who said, "But I will tell you what is inscribed in the book of truth; there is none who contends by my side against this except Michael your Prince (Daniel 10:21 & Rev. 1:12-20).
 Therefore Michael is the Principal Actor in the great tribulation on the side of Jesus Christ as his Ambassador on earth live and physical and not in a dream land. There are three heavenly Supper Stars namely, the Messiah, Archangel Michael and Gabriel; these three are called 'The Chief Princes" (Daniel 10:13 & 9:24-end). Just as the Messiah was born in the flesh so his colleagues, Angel Michael and Gabriel also appeared in the flesh as ordinary human beings born with angelic powers. Gabriel born in the flesh as Moses the Priest, Michel born in the flesh as Elijah who disputed with Satan over the body of Moses his collogue (Zech. 3:1-14 & Jude 8-9). The Messiah their leader is called "LAMB OF GOD" who doses not fight but gives instruction being a civilian ruler known as the Prince of Peace while Michael is known as the Prince of Host and the Prince of War being a Military ruler just as King David was a Military ruler and King Solomon was the Civilian ruler known as the Prince of Peace ( Dan. 8;23-29 &1chron. 22:1-6);while Gabriel is their High Priest just as in Israel, you have the King, the High Priest and the War Commander as it was in the days of King David and King Solomon when God set up his kingdom in Israel (See 1chron. Chapter 28, Zec. 3;1-14 & Jude 8-9)

 Having knowing their relationship, Moses said to the people of Israel that God will raise another prophet like him among his brethren as promised at Mount Horeb (Deut. 18: 15-16); this promised prophet at Mount Horeb was the Prophet Elijah as Prophet Malachi re-called for a remembrance but other bible scholars refer him to be the Messiah which is also correct(since the word of God prophesied is like a muster seed fulfilling in several generations in several ways and giving divers interpretations); following the prophecy of Moses, the real promised prophet at Mount Horeb was Elijah according to Malachi 4:4-end. The three angelic names known as the Messiah, Michael and Gabriel were revealed in the book of the Prophet Daniel who are the key actors in the end-time events(Daniel 9:20-37).

 The mysteries behind the three angelic personalities is that, when Gabriel appeared in the flesh as Moses, Michael becomes his guiding angel who fought all the wars for the people of Israel, leading them as the pillar of cloud in the day and as pillar of fire in the night, who gave them the ten commandment, and conquered all the enemies and finally brought them into the promised land beginning with Moses to the time of Joshua whom Moses officially commissioned before his death and Joshua was ministering under the anointing of Prophet Moses just as Elisha was ministering under the anointing of Elijah before his departure(Exodus 23;20-24). When Elijah rained fire from heaven and consumed the enemies that came to arrest him, Gabriel became his guiding angel who spoke to him (2nd Kings 1:1-end). When Messiah their Leader was to appear in the New Testament to fulfill the remission of sins as predicted in the book of Daniel chapter 9, Gabriel came to announce the arrival of his two colleagues namely the Messiah who was to born as Jesus Christ and John the Baptist who was the acting Angel Michael who came to minister under the anointing of the Prophet Elijah as his forerunner and as the war commander to prepare his way(Luke 1:13-15 & Mat. 11:7-15).

Finally, before the Messiah was to accomplish his last assignment as regards the remission of sin as predicted in Daniel chapter 9, the Three heavenly Princes namely Michael as Elijah, Gabriel as Moses and the Messiah had their finally talk at the mount of transfiguration strengthening the Messiah to accomplished this assignment (Luke 9:28-36). These three angelic beings appeared to Abraham and went further to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah( Genesis chapter 18 & 19). These three heavenly princes have dominion over the entire universe and Lucifer was the fourth of the them but was cast to the earth from heaven and his angels because of his rebellion; he is being addressed as the "Prince of this World"( John 16:11) and Michael has to come down to fight him on earth through his agent known as the antichrist during the last three and half years just as they fought in heaven as the book of Revelation chapter 12, 13, 16 and 19 reflected

 Therefore in Revelation chapter 11, the two witnesses are the combined prophetic powers of Moses and Elijah which Michael will use in the end-times and the third is the Lord of the Earth which is the Messiah their Leader. Since Michael will represent them physically in human form he is being address as the PRINCE OF HOST(THE PRINCE OF WAR AND THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT WHO SHALL RE-ENFORCE THE COVENANT KNOWN AS THE WRITTEN LAWS OF MOSES WHICH ELIJAH WILL COME TO RE-ENFORCE AS MALACHI PREDICTED OF HIS ARRIVAL FOR THE COVENANT RE-REINFORCEMENT just as he did at Mount Camel in the days of King Ahab Elijah being a great War Commander is being address as the "CHARIOT OF ISRAEL AND THE HORSEMEN";

Thus he was taken to heaven in a chariot and horse of fire(2nd Kings 2:11-12) who is shown to Apostle John as the War Commander riding the white horse and Jesus gave him his new name called "THE WORD OF GOD (GOSPEL OR GOOD NEWS; Rev. 19:11-end) who shall physically fight the beast through the prophetic utterances from his mouth which is the 'WORD OF GOD" known as the "double edge sharp sword" with which he will smite the nations and through him the wrath of God will descend on earth very quickly(no fasting and prayer is required or adopting to a special prayer pattern, consulting spirits or demons or object of worship -none; no demon even Lucifer can change what comes out from his mouth); his prophetic utterance will strike any part of the globe under the sun and all prophets will join his prophetic train like the sons of the prophets as it was in the days prophet Elijah. He now represent the Lamb of God as Elijah did who said, "you prophet of Baal are 450 but I alone stand in the name of the Lord's prophets(1kings 18:22).

 Therefore, in Malachi chapter 3;1, it was stated that "Behold I send my Messenger who shall prepare the way before me..."; other translators states that, 'Behold I send my angel who shall prepare the way before me..." ; whose translation is quite correct for the fact that the meaning of "Messenger" is "Angel"; In the light of that Jesus also testified that John the Baptist ( ministering under the anointing of Elijah) was the Messenger sent as Elijah which interpreted that he was the Acting Angel Michael his War Commander who also died with him when both came for the reconciliation for sins assignment as predicted in Daniel chapter 9. John baptized for the remission of sins and Jesus used his blood for the final remission of sins; none of these end-time prophets will repeat this assignment but this time to implement and to execute judgment based on the first assignment aready accomplished ( Mark 9:11-12)



About the Author Prophet Goodnews Adolphus received the scroll containing the prophecies of the old prophets to be re-prophesied in the modern world; most of those passages of the scriptures are again revealed to him in both visions and dreams which he use as a guide for his research and teachings. Email address adolphusgoodnews@yahoo.com 

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