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November 8, 2007


Adam was first created in the image of an angel having both sex organ before he separated the female part from him signifying the bone that came out of his flesh. The very body containing both male and female sex organ is called “Adam”(Gen. 5:1-5). The female part of Adam was separated out of him for the fact that he needed a helper and being of the same flesh he cannot not help himself unless a separate hand like the woman who came out of his flesh. Thus he said that she is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.(Genesis chapter 2). God blessed everything he had created and commaded them to the fruitful and multiply both those in heaven known as angels including those on earth. The means of multiplying is differ from one form of creature to another. Some multiply by individual having the both reproductive systems of the body while other sleep with the opposite sex just as male and female come together in marriage and have children.. But the angels in heaven have both sex organs in one person and do not marry each other; so Jesus said, in haven the angels do not marry nor given in marriage.(Mark 2:25). But they produce young ones who behold the face of the father( Mat 18:10-20). Although angels multiply, they have one biological father and the same is the mother. Therefore they have no surname instead they are called by their real names such as Michael, Gabriel ect. Angels represents the stars of haven(Revelation chapter 1); the star only multiply through splitting apart and that is the same way the angels produce young ones as implied. They are perfect in beauty because there are of both male and female sex organ. Similary here on earth we have some creatures who have both sex organs that produces within themselves without having sex with another. We have them in most plants and animal. There are lot of humans on earth who have both sex organs which was the original nature of Adam when he was created. They use the male part of the body to pregnant another and they appear like women and very perfect in beauty. DO THE ANGELS TOO HAVE SEXUAL EXPIRENCE WITH ANOTHER ? The answer is yes; the fact is that they can produce within themselves and not by having sex with another person outside them. If they do is like committing homosexual because marrying or giving in marrage is not allowed. But some angels do it out of disobidence just as some people commit homosexual out of disobedience. Such illegal practice was carried out by some group of angels before the flood of Noah and they gave birth to wicked giants. In the bible, angels are known as sons of God since they have no surname just as Jesus Christ is the “Son of God” since he had no biological father on earth. While we on earth are known as “Sons of men” or “Children of Men”. Therefore in the book of Daniel, he saw a vision of one returning to the earth with the clouds of heaven to meet the Accient of Days on earth. Daniel said, one like the Son of Man coming with the cloud..(Daniel 7:13). The vision implied that Jesus Christ was to appear on earth in the flesh like a Son of Man. Then one of the angels that appeared with Daniel's friends in the fire was said to the like a son of God according to the King of Babylon for the fact that he was the angel of God and he looked different from them just as the angel of God shut the lion’s mouth when Daniel was cast into the Lion Den Read the book of Daniel for more detail. In Genesis chapter 6, it stated that when men began to multiply on earth….."Men here are the sons of Men including the daughters of men. The Children of men where the humans. Then Genesis continue to say that "..the Sons of God saw that the daughter of men were beautify… “This is to differentiate the sons of men from the sons of God. The daughters of men were to be given in marriage according to the the custom and tradition but something very different happened in the sight of God and of men as at that time as the sons of God known as angels admired the daughters of men so much because of their beauty and they Choose and took them as wives… It means they were not given in marriage to them by their parents rather they choose them as captive because they cannot withstand angels who appeared as humans but they are different from the rest of the sons of men. As they slept with them using their male sexual organ, they gave birth to wicked giants and sins multiplied on the face of the earth. Then God had something to say about this unusal marriage involving spirit beings known as the angels and the daughters of men of the flesh. God said. “ My spirit cannot abide in man forever for he is a flesh, but his days shall be one hundered and twenty years. Why did God said that the giants are flesh? The answer is that they are the product of spirit beings being his disobedient angels but the giants cannot live too long like the angels in heaven rather their life span on earth will be just One hundered and twenty years and will die like others. These statement refer to the wicked giants who were the children of those angels. God was not talking about the rest of the sons of men who were rightous in those days like Noah but rather fall in love with the duaghter of men. Therefore even after the flood, people lived upto five hundred years and below before they died(Gen. 11:10-32). These angels that corrupted the world of Noah were different from the angels that came down with the devil during the war between Michael and his angels. Those angels that fought the war in heaven are moving freely with the devil roaming all over the universe like wonded lions known as the principalities and rulers of Darkness in the high places having their freedom to do whatsoever thing they like(Ephesians 6:12). But those angels who pregnant the daughters of men before the flood were chained and put in a prison of total darkness untill the day of judgement as Apostle Peter recalled of this incidence before the flood of Noah( 2 Peter 2:4-5 & Jude 6) THE SONS OF GOD IN THE SEA The angels of God that are very close to the people of the world are those mermaids in the seas. They dominate the earth and as well as corrupting it with all manners of abomination. They have both male and female sex organs. They are very powerful and intelligent. Like their fellow angels who lost their estates in heaven they also choose whosoever man or woman they like and you cannot refuse them. It takes God’s grace to be delivered out of their hands. The are very jealous over the man or woman they choose to marry. They do have sex with them in their dreams and you cannot refuse them. They abort pregnancy given to their wives in marriage and makin the man they marry not having child. They disguise in any manner and appear as a very beautiful young lady or man. Do we have saints in the sea? The answer is yes; The book of Revealation says, “ woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea.. for the Davil has come down to you in a great wrath (Revelation chapter 12). Which means in the sea there are some spirit beings who fear God and will be tormented by the Devil and his fallen angels and many will survive. And when the Lamb of God opened the scroll, all creature in heaven, in earth and those in the seas give him the glory(Revelation chapter 5). Therefore, prophet Isaiah said, the head of the great serpent in the sea will be pieced(Isa 27:1) during the great tribulation just the antichrist will be defeated on earth. The devil also have his agent in the sea tormenting the saints there just as we are being tormented here on earth. THE END

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